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ist2_8478486_father_and_son_playing_basketball_2_.jpgplatinum_heat_adj_plastic.jpgIn some situations, a prefabricated ankle support is not sufficient.

In those cases we may make a model of your foot & lower leg, and design a custom ankle / foot brace, [ Ankle Foot Orthoses / AFO ] which includes a custom fitted arch support.

With these braces, runners can still run, play basketball or other sports, in some instances. They may be temporary, and part of a rehabilitation program following injury or surgery. More often they may be permanent, in the case of a diabetic with a severe, compromised arch, or in a patient with permanent loss of dorsiflexion ( ability to move foot upward at the ankle ) or a severe degenerative weakness of some tendons or foot structure .

Here are some direct links to the manufacturer of some of our braces, outlining the more specific indications for each type of brace . I have tried to design our website to focus on patient education, & understanding of options available to you or friends & family anywhere in the USA, where other podiatrists can offer these opportunities when needed.

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