Bunionette/Tailor's Bunion

Bunionette____Tailor_s_Bunion.JPGSometimes people refer to this as a "baby bunion" , but it is the prominence that pushes out behind the base of the fifth toe, on the side of the foot. This often represents the shifting of the fifth metatarsal bone, and the bump you see if the knuckle, or head of the bone. These can become painful when irritated by shoes.

If you have this concern, during your first office visit, you can expect us to do a weight bearing x-ray of your foot to see if there is also a bone spur under this area contributing to pain. One of the things we ask for, at a first visit, is for you to bring in a variety of shoes you most often wear. For this condition , in addition to determining if you might have a preference for surgical removal or realignment of this deformity, we can often recommend a different brand of athletic shoe, or features in shoes, that might help reduce pain. Depending on the circumstances, physical therapy or cortisone injection to ease the pain can all be considered, based on your desires, and the medical reasonableness of any of those choices.

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