Diabetic/Medicare Shoes

inserts_1.jpgEach calendar year, those Medicare patients [or those with Medicare replacement insurances as well as many private insurance companies ] with diabetes, and certain findings on examination, qualify for a pair of diabetic shoes, and three pair of inserts (either custom casted or heat molded, depending on the medical necessity observed).

After you are examined, and if a prescription pair of shoes is warranted, we can either give you a prescription to go to anyone else you desire to receive your shoes , or you have the option of this office measuring you, letting you try on shoe styles, and sizes, and then order in your shoes for you. You are NOT required to pay for the shoes. Assuming your yearly deductible has been met, medicare will pay 80% of the costs, and depending on the structure of your co-insurance , that plan picks up the other 20% ( again assuming that plans deductibles and copayments have otherwise been met ). Some PFFS Medicare replacement and other plans, offer even more generous benefits ( eg, some, pay the entire percentages ). These replacements plans are allowed to do more than traditional medicare, but they cannot do less.

Stop by the office for a catalogue, and also visit this Medicare link for more information about shoes for diabetics and then you have additional access to the Medicare site, including diabetic foot care, diabetic supplies, and general information

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