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Sometimes known as “pump bump” because of its prevalence among women who wear pump-style shoes, Haglund's deformity can occur in one or both of the feet. It is caused by a combination of genetic and external factors and can lead to discomfort and even pain in the back of the heel.

If you are suffering from Haglund's deformity you will most likely have noticed a bony enlargement at the back of the heel. This inflammation is caused when the soft tissue around the Achilles tendon becomes irritated. Irritation at this particular spot is often the result of pressure caused by the back of pump-style shoes. Other signs of Haglund's deformity include pain in the back of the heel, where the Achilles tendon and the heel meet, swelling in the back of the heel and redness or inflamed tissue at the site of the swelling.

Although surgery is an option, non-surgical treatment options are plentiful. Utilizing anti-inflammatory medication can reduce swelling and pain at the site of the problem. Ice can also be helpful in this way. Stretching, heel lifts and pads, shoe modification, physical therapy, orthotic devices and immobilization are all recommended for patients suffering from Haglund's deformity. Contact us today to lean which treatment options will work best for your particular foot condition.

These promiences behind the heel can oocur in both sexes at any age and can include pain and inflammation significantly aggravated by shoes. There are many sometimes simple options that can be used to help alleviate symptoms [ read captioning in photo to left ].

If you notice this "lump" and there is pain, it is important for us to determine if there is any underlying bone spur or other bone changes, if there is an inflammed bursae, or if there are other reasons for your pain.

Be certain to bring your shoes to this first visit as we work together to find options of care that best meet your needs and have the best chance of working for your situation.


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