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Medical Related Articles

Ankle Sprains: Treatment And PreventionAvoiding Athlete’s FootChronic Compartment SyndromeMorton’s NeuromaMorton’s Neuroma: Cause And TreatmentMorton’s Neuroma And The RunnerOveruse Knee InjuriesPatellofemoral DysfunctionPatello-Femoral DysfunctionPlantar Fasciitis: A Detailed LookPlantar Fasciitis: Treatment PearlsShin SplintsSinus Tarsi SyndromeStone BruiseStress FractureTarsal CoalitionsTarsal Coalitions In AthletesTibial FasciitisTurf Toe

Sports Related Articles

5 Easy Ways to Soothe Your Aching Feet

Aerobic Dancing
Avoiding Step Aerobics Injuries

Baseball And Your Feet

Basketball And Your Feet
Basketball Shoes And Injuries

Cycling And Your Feet
Selecting Cycling Shoes

Golf And Your Feet

Hiking and Climbing
The Hiking And Climbing Foot: Part I
The Hiking And Climbing Foot: Part II

Ice Skating
Podiatric Management In Ice Skating

How To Select A Running Shoe
Running And Your Feet

What Is "Turf Toe" and How Should It Be Treated
General Principles in Cleat Selection

Tennis And Your Feet
Eight Tests That Your Foot Doctor May Order in 2008
Warts: The Untold Story - You can kiss a frog and you will not get Warts

Walking And Your Feet

Foot Prints - Patient Newsletters of The American Podiatric Medical Association

Download the Summer 2015 PDF file
Your Guide to a Summer Free From Foot Pain

Download the Spring 2015 PDF file
Play itself with todays Podiatrist

Download the Summer 2014 PDF file
This Summer: Protect Feet From Heat

Download the Winter 2014 PDF file
Keep feet Happy in Winter Weather

Download the Spring 2014 PDF file
First Steps: Keeping Kids' Feet Healthy and Happy

Download the 2014 Diabetes Campaign PDF file
You Can Outsmart Diabetes

Buying shoes for back to school

Shoe Related Articles

5 Easy Ways to Soothe Your Aching Feet

How Socks Make The Feet How Do I Know When It Is Time To Replace My Athletic Shoes?Midfoot Cutouts On Sports ShoesSelecting A Running ShoeSocks And Your FeetThe Right Time To Replace Your ShoesTips On Selecting An Athletic Shoe

General Interest Articles

Choosing Orthotic MaterialsGeneral Fitness As Recommended By The APMAHow To Evaluate Shoe Wear PatternsPogo Your Way To The Punk Of HealthRunning Form And StyleSeparating The Buzz From The Biomechanics: A Guide To Athletic Shoe Trends And InnovationsWinter Sports And Your FeetYour Children’s Feet

Reducing Foot Risks Diabetes / Vascular Disease

During the presidential election, the American Podiatric Medical Association provided some interesting summary letters regarding diabetes and amputation prevents. Throughout 2009 and beyond, Peripheral Arterial Disease ( PAD ) and Diabetes and other issues put your feet at risk. Knowledge can help you , a family member, or friend. Elect to Take Steps to Enjoy the selections Save Your Feet

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Frequent Diabetic Questions

Diabetes Management Team

Prevention Checklist

Amputation Prevention

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