Warts/Verrucae/Plantar Warts

Zerby__S_3_22_07.JPGWARTS = Plantar Warts or Verrucae, are caused by a Virus, and there are currently no oral anti-viral medications to cure them. This Virus will only grow in the skin, and therefore may spread and grow to or from the foot, or hand, or other skin areas. Warts usually occur in adolescents, but they can occur at any age for a variety of reasons. The wart virus is microscopic, and so usually you cannot see it well until it has grown colonies large enough to displace normal skin. The cluster will partially grow out of the skin, unless it is on the bottom of the foot, where weight bearing pressure pushes it into the deeper, thicker skin of the sole ( hence the term, plantar wart ). Depending on the location, pain from pressure on tiny nerve endings may develop, so sometimes a small cluster is more painful than a large cluster. This photo is after debridement [ trimming] of the initial lesion


We can treat warts variety of ways, including topical acids medications with periodic debridement of killed tissue, topical antiviral agents, and including surgical removal ( usually in office ). Here you see a Post OP visit of the prior wart excision from in ithe office


This photo is an example of how warts look after excisions, including these specimens from a case where over 1&1/2 dozen removed from a patient in 2008 ! Naturally, you cannot be certain you have a wart unless examined by a professional.

Zerby__S_3_22_07__1_.JPGOur first visit visit will include evaluation, and discussion of what options make the most sense for you based the size, amount of pain, number and location of warts, and patient desires, overall health, and other factors for the timing of care and decision making choices., and possible initial treatment. Surgical removal would be scheduled separately after the first visit in most circumstances. Please click on our links for directions, registration forms etc