Your First Visit


We do not “double" book or otherwise overbook our schedule, so that we can devote the proper time to your visit. Therefore, Twenty four hour notice is required to cancel your appointment, otherwise there is a missed appointment fee depending on your circumstances. There is an answering machine 24 hours a day to leave a message if you need to cancel your appointment .

For your first visit with Dr Assalita's office, please take the following with you

and arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time:

a/ insurance cards and photo ID ( eg Driver's License ) which will be scanned / copied into our computer record.

b/ a list of all medications [ including generic and non prescription products ] currently used, dosages, and use

c/ shoes you often wear ( bring several pair ) including work, casual, sport etc [ old and worn out as well as new ]

d/ any old records pertaining to your feet or your current problem

e/ if possible, a copy of your more recent general health summary or office visit from your primary physician { yearly History and Physical } even if not related to the current reason you are coming to this office

f/ any insurance required referral forms or documents ( you should contact your insurance prior to the visit if any questions about coverage )

g/ your completed first registration. You should download this by clicking on Patient Paperwork tab and complete it in advance if possible. You are always welcome to stop by the office if you are in the area to drop off the completed forms in advance of your appointment, or if you have questions, or need a printed copy to complete)

h/ prior xrays, mri or other imaging tests and reports

i/ runners,athletes if problem related to your sport activity--> a pair of shorts to change into if your visit pertains to gait, biomechanical pain etc ( not necesssary for warts, ingrown nails etc )

j/ check book or cash for insurance co-pays ; co-insurances and deductibles, as well as for services, supplies or other items not covered by your insurance ( due at time of visit )

k/ do not hesitate to write down in advance any questions you have so that you do not forget what you want to review at your visit. It is also helpful, if you have a considerably involved history, to provide an additional written summary that we can attach to your record. Remember, especially for more complex issues, or if you have been to several other offices, the small details may make the difference in guiding us to effective solutions

Please note: Plan on spending about one hour at the office for your first New Patient visit. While there are sometimes urgent care visits that put the schedule slightly behind, we ask you be considerate of those instances, since that same extra time may be needed for you one day.


Office Hours

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